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        In recently years, the North Korea economic reform and open up has getting more quickly, and North Korea further devolute the autonomy to enterprises, hold extensive investment activities, to established the Sino-Korean joint venture department stores, apparel appliances small commodity markets, building decoration and materials markets, to further relax the business scope and operation style of state-run shops and free market, that showing a lot of  business opportunities. In order to satisfy the domestic entrepreneurs to develop the North Korea market demand, Dandong Yalu River Investment Co., Ltd. cooperate with the North Korean relevant government agencies together to open this North Korea business investment line, and regular organize investment team go to DPRK.

Details are as follow:
Korean investigate procedures and materials:
1, non-official passport copy.
2, investigators list, 2 photoes of recently 2-inch color picture, 1 copy of ID.
3, please apply for registration 15 days in advance, sent the investigators’ list of names and a brief letter of inspect by fax to our company.
5, Normally you can receive the notification from the North Korea in one week, then we will notify you the inspection date. Please you sent your original passports, two 2-inch color photoes, one copy of ID to our company by express delivery, we will provide you exit visa and other related procedures.
6, full amount of investigation paid to our company before leave the country(the full cost of inspection paid are accord to our company regulations).

Investigation itinerary:
First Day

Our company will sent people of Commerce investigation department pick up you at Dandong Airport Shuttle or railway station or anyother prior agreement place with cars waiting for you. To our company and go through relevant procedures, and introduce you the attention of visit DPRK, (If you need to arrange travel and reservation in Dandong, order car, and buy return tickets, please contact with us). Check in the hotel.

Second Day
(Car entry into DPRK) Dandong - Pyongyang: 8:00 a.m. get on the North Korea train to go to Pyongyang, on the way to Pyongyang you can enjoy the unique Korean style and development of rural towns of DPRK, then visit Pyongyang city attractions and some spots when you arrived there.
Live: the North Korea luxury hotel

Third Day
Negotiate business and cooperation projects with the North Korean government officials and trading companies, to understand North Korean economic policies and preferential policies to attract foreign investment, and inspect nesserary place of specific project.
Live: the North Korea luxury hotel

Forth Day
Continue to negotiate or visit Pyongyang famous attractions. 11:00-16:00 p.m. go back to Dandong by train.

Main activities:
1, flowers to the Wanshou monument
2 banquet
3, plant: inspect a number of representative plants, to understand plant equipment, technology, staff quality, management and other information
4, two countries enterprises Fair: meet with the booking company to seek cooperation opportunity.
5, visit intent joint venture, negotiations (optional item): to understand the actual situation of enterprises, to discuss the details of cooperation.
6, farewell dinner
7, formulate investigation content for each investigation team according to special investigate projects, so each team has different investigation travel.

Service Standards
1, learn more of the North Korea economic adjustment policies and preferential policies to attract foreign investment, visit enterprise and communicate with DPRK officials face to face about the industries development situation and policies which you concern
2, understand the situation of the DPRK enterprise production and operations, staff quality, management methods, leadership ideas
3, understand the industry development situation, explore potential business opportunities
4, negotiate with the DPRK enterprises with appointment,understand the status of cooperation projects, to seek possibilities of cooperation.
5, establish linkage with the DPRK enterprises, build relationship for deeply communication and cooperation.

Costs include
Transport: outside train, automotive costs have been included.
Accommodation: living in North Korea luxury hotels, the cost has been included.
Dining: costs included
Translation: Korean translation with full-time, costs have been included.
Other: Dandong section of hotels and dining accommodation fee (my company can set your prices on behalf of the hotel)

1, can not freely visit at the DPRK, the Korean reception staff to be accompanied by investment tours.
2, please provide a brief visit purpose letter early, the DPRK side will arrange people to discuss with you.
3, if you do not completed your investment content in time, you will be response to pay the other cost if the DPRK agreed with to continue the negotiattion.
4, if you finish your investment content earlier, the North Korea will allow you to visit Pyongyang famous attractions.